Result of the finest selection of cane in the Caribbean. Noble Family Reserve born from a rigorous respect for time and traditions.

High range rum whose quality lies in several key factors: monitoring sugar cane production, the use of the purest water, ageing in new American white oak barrels in ideal climatic conditions found in the Dominican Republic and 70 years of experience blending the finest rums.

Tasting notes

Bright copper-amber color. Aromas of buttercream, dried cherries, intense vanilla, pineapple jam and caramelized walnuts followed smoothly by a dry fruity lush medium body, full of depth and balance.
Ending on a note of carrot cake, kola nut, mocha and a strong toasted flavor that slowly fades.

Perfect Serve

The ideal way to enjoy Ron Barceló IMPERIAL is neat or on the rocks with a pod of natural vanilla. Fully appreciate its Dominican origin, inheritance and excellence on a Burgundy glass.


2013· Gold - Old Aged - Miami Rum Festival - Rum XP

2011· Gold - Blend Wine & Spirits - Sip Awards

2010· Gold - Aged above 12 years - Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

2008· Gold (Excepcional) 94 points - "Third highest score in the category of aged rum" - BTI. International Review of Spirits

2008· Best in its class - International Rum Festival

2003· Gold - Premium Blend. Rum Fest

2001· Gold - Premium Category. Rum Fest

2000· Gold (Excepcional) 97 points - "Highest Scoring Rum" - BTI. International Review of Spirits

IMPERIAL Perfect Serve

Serve 50 ml neat or with 3 ice cubes and a natural vanilla pod and serve in a Burgundy glass or short Imperial glass.

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