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Sustainability Best Practices in Spirits Business: How to Get Environmental Certifications and Deliver High Quality Products

Sustainability Best Practices in Spirits Business: How to Get Environmental Certifications and Deliver High-Quality Products

Sustainability is a buzzword that is being used more and more in the spirits industry. In fact, nearly 70% of leading global spirits companies have seen a rise in consumers who are looking for responsible practices from companies. It is important for businesses to develop strategies and processes to ensure their company remains aligned with corporate objectives. This article covers important subjects related to sustainability best practices in the spirits industry, including ways you can get certified as well as what certifications you should seek out.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is defined as, “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In other words, companies that are sustainable are not only meeting the needs of their customers but also future generations. Sustainability is not just about producing a product that is eco-friendly. It is also about building a company culture that supports long-term growth while ensuring the success of all stakeholders involved – employees, shareholders, customers, and the environment. Sustainability is also one of the most important considerations when choosing a career path. If you work at a company that is not sustainable, then you are putting your own career at risk of being negatively impacted. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what this term means and how to achieve and maintain it.

Sustainability Best Practices: How to Achieve and Maintain Sustainability in the Spirits Business

Review the Company’s Strategy – Before implementing any sustainability initiatives, you should first review the company’s strategy. If sustainability is something you plan to invest in, then you need to make sure that it is a part of the company’s overall strategy. This will ensure that you are not investing any resources or efforts that are not relevant to the long-term success of the business.

Sustainable Environmental Practices – By the nature of our agriculturally based products, the careful stewardship of the environment and natural resources is essential for the distilled spirits industry. Sustainable environmental practices are critical to the continual production of high-quality products that spirits consumers enjoy. The industry’s goal is to maximize resource utilization and eliminate waste at every step.

Engage Employees Employees play a crucial role in a company’s sustainability journey. It is important to engage them through training, collaborative efforts, and proper communication. By doing so, you will be able to collect feedback, identify opportunities and challenges, and offer solutions.

Build Awareness – Providing training, collaborating, and engaging employees are great ways to build awareness within a company. However, you will have better results if you also take other actions. For example, you can hold sustainability-focused employee events, create content that highlights the importance of sustainability, and/or work with third-party organizations to provide engagement programs.

Create a Culture of Caring – One of the best ways to achieve and maintain sustainability is to create a culture of caring. By doing so, you will be able to engage employees and create a more positive work environment. Moreover, you will also be able to positively impact the business because employees who are engaged are more likely to make higher quality contributions. –

Use Technology Wisely – Technology has become an integral part of business operations, and it can also be used to support sustainability initiatives. For example, you can use technology to track performance metrics, manage inventory and suppliers, and reduce paper-related tasks among others. 

Leverage Fulfilling Spend Programs – Businesses that are sustainable are also more likely to utilize programs that help them fulfill obligations to customers. For example, you can use customer loyalty programs that reward customers for purchasing products from your company

What is Sustainability For Ron Barceló

Our journey started many years ago when we began the process of reducing our carbon footprint. We’ve been working toward that goal ever since – we’ve been constantly looking to reduce our environmental impact while creating a more positive work environment.

With the goal of sustainability in mind, we developed our RB360 Sustainability code, which is a set of policies based on four indicators: Field indicator, Water indicator, Air indicator and Territory indicator. Click here to know more about RB360.

We have minimized our dependence on fossil fuels through these indicators, ensuring that 100% of the process steam and nearly 90% of the electricity consumed comes from renewable sources. In the same way, the CO2 produced during fermentation is captured and reused, transforming it into food-grade CO2, used to make soft drinks and other carbonated beverages.

Thanks to our code in 2016 we have proudly obtained the  Bilan Carbon certification and are recognized as the world’s first Carbon Neutral rum.

A Sustainable Business

If you want to create a sustainable business that provides long-term benefits to its stakeholders, then you need to start with a sustainable business model. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to understand what sustainability really means to you and how much your company bases its values on a sustainable development perspective. With all this in mind, you will discover the enormous potential of a sustainable business. Particularly in the spirits industry, where this subject, although increasingly common among major companies, still remains an opportunity to be acknowledged and rewarded for good work and good practices put in place.

What we got so far for 2022 in terms of awards and prizes

Organic Gold Medal International Organic award 2022
Gold Medal – Rum Category – International Organic Awards – 2022

Over the years, we have received numerous awards and our products have been honored at the most prestigious international events. Recently Rum Lab, which is the organizer of the main rum congresses and festivals in the United States, recognizes Ron Barceló through its Ultimate Awards for our best practices in sustainability.


  • First Place – Spirits – “Best in the World” Sustainability Report – Hallbars Sustainability Research Organization – 2022
  • Awarded – Best Practice in sustainability – The Rum Lab Ultimate Awards – 2022
  • Awarded – Best Practice in sustainability – Semana del Clima de América Latina y el Caribe – 2022


  • Silver Medal – Organic Spirits – San Francisco World Spirits Competition – 2022
  • Gold Medal –  Rum – International Organic Awards – 2022


  • Gold Medal – Aged rums 3 years and above –  Beverage Testing Institute – 2022
  • Gold Medal – Dark Rums – Aged 7 to 12 – The Rum Masters Competition – 2022


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