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Ron Barceló launches the first organic rum produced in the Dominican Republic

The product is a result of the natural production of sugarcane, aged in a unique way and using eco-friendly packaging printed with organic ink.

Rum producer Ron Barceló has introduced a new product to the market – the first organic rum in the Dominican Republic. Distilled from the fresh juice of sugarcane grown in fertiliser-free fields with no added chemicals, it is subject to the company’s rigorous RB360 sustainability code.

To make the rum, a select cane field of only 1.5 square kilometres is used, which lies on the banks of the river next to the distillery. On this land, sugarcane is grown in a completely natural way, resulting in a limited production of only 39,670 cases per year, to be distributed globally.

Barceló Organic ages in a mixture of oak wood barrels of different ages, giving it an intense amber colour and subtle notes of cocoa, tobacco leaves, fleshy fruits and rose pepper.

“With this product, we are honouring Mother Nature through completely sustainable cultivation and eco-friendly packaging, made from vegetable fibre extracted from the bagasse resulting from the extraction of the cane juice, and printed with completely organic ink,» says Chiara Pennacchio, Global Marketing Director at Ron Barceló.

“The cane residue is also used as biomass for the production of clean energy in the manufacturing process of all Barceló rums.”



The brand has been recognised for its commitment to protecting the planet. Its products are made under the brand’s sustainability code, an ambitious programme that allows the company to monitor and manage its activity across the entire business operation in alignment with the fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2016, the firm’s adherence to good environmental management practices made it the first Dominican rum producer to receive the Carbon Neutral and ISO14064-1 certifications, based on the NORDOM 798 standard. It was also the first to obtain and to use the Bilan Carbone® licence.

Ron Barceló measures its carbon emissions and reduces them by using biomass and photovoltaic cells to produce clean energy (which represents 90 per cent of the energy used in its rum-making process), as well as CO2 recovered during the fermentation phase.

This CO2 is then used to create bubbles in soft drinks. By-products from the distillation of cane juice, such as vinasse, are also used as a natural fertiliser. To offset emissions that it cannot reduce, the firm finances green projects in different countries. Those projects have been certified under the corresponding standards and contribute to the mitigation of the effects of climate change.

Vinicio Subero, Global Business and Supply Chain Director at Ron Barceló, says launching Barceló Organic is the next step in the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and also to the production of the highest quality products.