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  • Climate Neutral

    Ron Barceló agrees to the United Nations’ “Climate Neutral Now” initiative, representing the first distillate and rum in the world to be part of this programme. This UN-launched initiative supports the implementation of climate-friendly measures aimed at limiting temperature rise below 1.5° C and achieving global carbon neutrality by mid-century, as required by the Paris Agreement.

  • Authentic Caribbean Rum

    The Auténtico Ron Caribeño (ACR Marque) brand is a registered trademark owned by the West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers’ Association, Inc. (WIRSPA) created to promote rum producers in the Caribbean ACP countries. Ron Barceló holds the Authentic Caribbean Rum seal, which guarantees the manufacture of rums of exceptional quality.

  • ISO 14067

    The ISO 14067 Standard focuses on determining the amount of greenhouse gases generated by the manufacture of a product, service or event, as well as on generating a targeted plan to reduce them.

  • ISO 14064

    La Norma ISO 14064-1 detalla los principios y requisitos para el diseño, desarrollo, gestión e informe de los inventarios de GEI a nivel de la organización.
    The ISO 14064-1 Standard describes in detail the principles and requirements for the design, development, management and reporting on the inventories of greenhouse gas emissions at the organization level.
    It includes requirements for determining GHG emission and removal limits, quantifying GHG emissions and removals of an organization and identifying specific corporate actions or activities aimed at improving greenhouse gas management.

  • Bilan Carbone

    The Bilan Carbone® method, developed by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), is a methodological tool that allows estimating the greenhouse gas emissions generated by activities related to the production of goods or services based on a transparent and open calculation principle. The method is based on the ISO14064-1 Standard and on the general principles of the GHG Protocol.
    The official use of this tool is subject to the prior obtainment of an annual Licence managed by the French Bilan Carbone Association (ABC).