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Our Company

The origin of Barceló rum dates back to 1929, when Julián Barceló arrived in the Dominican Republic with the purpose of producing rum that would then go down in history as the best in the world. Just a year later, in 1930, he founded the company Barceló & Co. At that time the young Spaniard was only 26 years old, but with many dreams, and in a short time he started the production and marketing of his first rums throughout the country.


It was only in 1950, after years of experimentation, that the company was able to position itself on the local market. This success was due to the formal launch of Barceló Blanco and Dorado, products that were highly appreciated by consumers of the time.


In 1970 the Ron Barceló Añejo was included in the brand’s product portfolio, characterized by a distinctive amber bottle, which over time established itself as the most exported Dominican rum.


In the 1980s, Ron Barceló, which was already at the top of the list of favourite national rums, began producing Ron Barceló Imperial, now the flagship Premium Rum among all Dominican rums, a rum that since its launch established itself as the leader in its segment until becoming today the Dominican rum most awarded by international organizations.


Then came the internationalization of the brand, with the start of exportation to countries such as Spain in 1994, thanks to which Ron Barceló currently ranks 3rd among Spirits in Spain.


70 years after the foundation of the brand in 2001, a group of Spanish entrepreneurs formed a strategic alliance with Barceló & Co. to market the brand all over the world, with the exception of the Dominican Republic. In 2002, the Barceló & Co. company gave up its international activities, giving way to the group of Dominican-Spanish entrepreneurs, represented, for the Dominican part, by the Barceló Díaz and García families, thus giving birth to a new company, initially called Añejos Barceló – now Ron Barceló SRL.

2006 - 2019

After being present in 25 international markets, Ron Barceló SRL fully acquired the Ron Barceló brand, with part of the 3rd Barceló generation – the Barceló Díaz and García families – remaining on the Board of Directors.
2016: we strengthened our initiatives in terms of sustainability, particularly with regard to carbon neutrality, becoming the first rum in the world to be accredited as Carbon Neutral, which allowed us to take the lead in the promotion of sustainable development.
2018: Ron Barceló became the most exported dark rum according to IWSR (International Wine and Spirits Research) data, a result which was also achieved in 2019. The presence of the brand was also consolidated in over 80 countries worldwide.


In 2016 Ron Barceló became the first rum in the world to be certified as Carbon Neutral. We became the first distillate and rum in the world to be part of the UN’s “Climate Neutral Now” initiative.
Ron Barceló Organic was launched. We acquire emission reduction credits from formally certified reduction projects of the EGE Haina’s Los Cocos I and II wind farms.

We comply with the provisions of the RON DOMINICANO standard, which guarantees respect for the designation of origin of the rum as the first product of a collective brand in the Dominican Republic.
In compliance with this rule, rum producers must proceed with the sugarcane harvest and the fermentation, distillation and ageing of alcohol in oak barriques for a minimum of one year in the Dominican Republic.