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Here at Ron Barceló we are committed to supporting sustainability.
Since 2016, we have been applying the RB360 Sustainability Code in the production process of our brands; with this code that brings together a whole series of policies and procedures, we make a significant contribution to the benefit of the environment and natural resources.

The implementation of the RB360 Sustainability Code has involved important changes within our company, which resulted in increasingly reducing our environmental impact. With this set of policies, we have minimized our dependence on fossil fuels, ensuring that 100% of the process steam and nearly 90% of the electricity we consume in our plants comes from renewable or green sources, such as solar or biomass energy.
Similarly, the CO₂ of biogenic origin produced during fermentation, which was previously released freely into the atmosphere, is now captured and reused, transforming it into food grade CO₂ to be used to generate bubbles in soft drinks and other carbonated beverages.

The RB360 Sustainability Code is based on four pillars or indicators that include the different transversal aspects upon which our company’s activities develop: firstly there is the Field Indicator, relating to the management of the company’s agronomic activities and its impact on soil management, erosion and fertility; secondly, the Water Indicator follows, which assesses the impact on water resources, both in the field activity and in the rum production processes; thirdly, there is the Territory Indicator, which limits the impact on the space in which the organization operates, taking into account the environmental, social and economic effects of the entrepreneurial activity on the landscape and the local community.
There is a fourth pillar, namely the Air Indicator, which is focused on the sustainable care of this resource through the management of polluting gas emissions, mainly greenhouse gases deriving from the life cycle of products and from the organization with the purpose of reducing and neutralizing them.

The Air Indicator itself contains precisely the main antecedent of the RB360 programme, that is our certification as a Carbon Neutral company, an initiative that has been implemented without interruption since 2016 and which was audited and certified in 2019 by the SGS Group for both the life cycle of our products and the organization.
With the achievement of this milestone ours has become the first rum in the world to boast a Carbon Neutral and ISO14067 certification, as well as the first to hold the Bilan Carbone® licence, a French methodological tool for quantifying its carbon emissions.
We are proud to hold the RB360 certification, through whose implementation we are committed to continuing to improve and make our processes more efficient, so that we can increasingly mitigate and reduce our impact on the environment. From Ron Barceló we reiterate our will to operate in complete harmony with the environment around us and to do one’s best to pursue the development of communities, as a socially responsible company committed to the highest causes.

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