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Ron Barceló RB360: The “Best In The World” Sustainability Report according to HALLBARS AWARDS 2022

Ron Barceló RB360 sustainability code is “The Best In The World Sustainability Report according to HALLBARS AWARDS BEST IN THE WORLD 2022

On August 18th 2022 Hallbars International Sustainability Research Institute announced the “Best in the World” sustainability reports 2022 Awards recognizing Ron Barceló RB 360 sustainability code first place in the Spirits category, ahead of Bacardi and Anora, respectively.

Hallbars recognizes companies that provide the world with sustainability reports by granting them Best in the Word status.

These reports are evaluated for their content, clear writing, easy readership, and quality production.

This recognition is granted to companies that have demonstrated the highest levels of sustainability reporting.

Being named a Hallbars Finalist is one of the most prestigious accolades in business. Your name will be included among the greatest sustainability reporting examples when potential clients, partners, and investors browse for examples.

Ron Barceló RB360 Sustainability code

RB360 Sustainability code is a set of policies based on four indicators: Field indicator, Water indicator, Air indicator, and Territory indicator. Click here to know more about RB360.

We have minimized our dependence on fossil fuels through these indicators, ensuring that 100% of the process steam and nearly 90% of the electricity consumed comes from renewable sources. In the same way, the CO2 produced during fermentation is captured and reused, transforming it into food-grade CO2, used to make soft drinks and other carbonated beverages. Thanks to our code in 2016 we have proudly obtained the  Bilan Carbon certification and are recognized as the world’s first Carbon Neutral rum.

Latin America leader for sustainability

More than 1500 entries were submitted from 94 countries. Only 294 people from 51 countries were chosen for the Best in the World.

With 42 sustainability reports, 4 of which come from the Dominican Republic, Latin America has become a leader for sustainability.

The quantity and quality of the reports coming from Latin America have increased significantly, according to Guillermo Gonzales, Hallbars ‘ Ambassador for LATAM (LATAM). This is thanks to the great effort made in the region to achieve United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs).

Each of the businesses being reviewed must meet specific criteria in order to be considered as a finalist for this important award. Specifically, sustainability reporting should be integrated into the company culture, strategy, and operational procedures.

Among the Spirits, Ron Barceló was the winner.


What is Sustainability Reporting?

The purpose of sustainability reporting is to measure and report a company’s environmental impact. Through the use of standardized and comprehensive best practices, sustainability reporting ensures that a company’s goals and achievements are clearly communicated to stakeholders. A company must first understand the impact that its actions have on the environment in order to become a sustainable organization. A company must measure and report both its positive and negative impacts in order to create a better future.

Sustainability Reporting is not a one-time activity that can be completed. It should be an ongoing and permanent process that should be incorporated across all of the company’s functions. In addition to reducing negative impacts such as carbon emissions and waste production, the company should also focus on the positive aspects such as renewable energy and water conservation.

Who is Hallbars

Hallbars International Sustainability Research Institute is an international organization bringing together talent from Europe and Asia, focusing on the promotion and readership of Sustainability Reports.

Every year the Hallbars Awards announce the best Sustainability Annual Reports; all those selected on the list are “Best In The Word winners” for that category.

The objective of the Hallbars Awards is to help the promotion and distribution of sustainability reports across the world to motivate Companies’ engagement.

Ron Barceló: a sustainable Company

Ron Barceló has received many awards over the years and its products have been honoured at the most prestigious international events.

Rum Lab, which organizes the largest rum congresses and festivals in the United States, gives Ron Barceló Ultimate Awards for best practices in sustainability.

Ron Barceló has been at the forefront of sustainability efforts for many years, being recognized as one of the first spirits companies 100% oriented toward a sustainable future.